Crossword Guide

Details about using the Crossword widget


Crossword is a quiz tool that uses words and clues to randomly generate a crossword puzzle.

Annotated screen shot of the Crossword widgit creator.
Annotated screen shot of the Crossword widgit creator.
  1. Title of the widget
  2. Word List
  3. Preview and Options


Word List

To create a crossword puzzle, the widget needs a list of words, clues for those words, and any optional hints that you wish to provide to the students.

Preview and Options

Crossword puzzle preview
Crossword puzzle preview

Generate New Puzzle

Once a series of words has been entered into the Word List, click the Generate New Puzzle button to see a preview of your puzzle.

The Generate New Puzzle button will cycle through all available combinations with each click and will attempt to use all of the words in the Word List.

If a word in the Word List cannot be connected by letter to another word, it is omitted from the puzzle.

Puzzle Options

The free words option allows students to receive that number of pre-completed words at the start of the game.

The hint will reduce the points associated with a given word if the student chooses to use a hint.