Enigma Guide

Details about using the Enigma widget


Enigma is a Jeopardy-like study or quiz tool. Questions are separated into categories.

Annotated Enigma widget creation screen
Annotated Enigma widget creation screen
  1. Title of the widget
  2. Randomize Answer Order
  3. Delete Category
  4. Category Label
  5. Question Box
  6. Delete Question
  7. Add New Question
  8. Add New Category



Categories can be used to group questions according to similarities in their content or purpose. Each category can have up to six questions.


Annotated Enigma question creation screen.
Annotated Enigma question creation screen.
  1. Question Text
  2. Answer Text
  3. Correct Answer Checkbox
  4. Percentage Value for Answer
  5. Delete Answer
  6. Feedback Text for Selected Answer
  7. Add New Answer


Each question can have many possible answers, but every question must have at least one correct answer with a value of 100%.

If the Randomize Answer Order check box in the main screen is checked, then the order of all questions’ answers will be randomized each time a student plays the widget.

Keep in mind that Randomize Answer Order will not affect the order of the questions, only the answers for each question.


Feedback is purely optional, but may be used to provide helpful information for incorrect answers or additional details for correct answers.