Adventure Guide

Details about using the Choose Your Own Adventure widget


Choose Your Own Adventure is a powerful widget that allows for the creation of branching decision trees. Students are scored based on where they end up.

Annotated Question screen
Annotated Question screen
  1. Narrative text or question
  2. Response selection


Each destination, or point on the decision tree, is represented by a screen such as the one above. A question or narrative text, accompanied by an optional image, provides the context for your response. Some screens will provide multiple choice answers to choose from; others may provide an input box in which to enter a response. Other screens may not require an answer, and simply provide transitional text or information to advance the widget’s narrative.

Hotspot Screen

The hotspot screen is the one significant exception to the Adventure widget’s layout. Hover your cursor over the image to identify and select a hotspot, based on the (optional) instructions provided. The proceeding destination may depend upon the hotspot you select.

Annotated hot spot question screen
Annotated hot spot question screen
  1. Optional instructions
  2. Hotspot image
  3. Example hotspot
  4. Hotspot on mouse over, with associated label

Your Choices Determine Your Score

In Choose Your Own Adventure, the score you receive is based on the final screen you encounter. Your responses to various questions determine the route you take; some widgets may be more linear than others. Additionally, you may or may not encounter screens of every type (Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Hotspot, and Narrative).