Crossword Guide

Details about using the Crossword widget


Crossword is a quiz tool that uses words and clues to randomly generate a crossword puzzle.

Annotated Crossword screen
Annotated Crossword screen
  1. Title of the widget
  2. Zoom in/out controls
  3. Clue list
  4. Selected clue
  5. Puzzle area
  6. Hints remaining
  7. Free words remaining
  8. Finish button
  9. Help: Keyboard controls
  10. Print puzzle


Clue Selected State

After clicking on a clue in the clue list, two buttons appear underneath the selected clue.

Get Hint will provide you with a hint (if hints are provided for the widget), using one of your remaining hints. Using a hint also reduces the score for the clue by a percentage set in the settings by the creator.

Clicking the Free Word button will automatically fill in the word (if free words have been provided).


Clicking Finish will submit your puzzle and take you to the score screen to review how you did.