Enigma Guide

Details about using the Enigma widget


Enigma is a Jeopardy-like study and quiz tool. Question are separated into categorical rows.

Main Board

Annotated Enigma screen
Annotated Enigma screen
  1. Title of the widget
  2. Current earned score percentage
  3. Category Name
  4. Question tile, incorrect response given
  5. Question tile, correct response given
  6. Audio on/off

Question Screen

Annotated Enigma Question screen
Annotated Enigma Question screen
  1. Question number and category name
  2. Question text
  3. Answer in answer list



Select a question on the game board to answer a question. This will take you to the Question screen for that question.

Answer List

Click the correct answer by clicking on the text or the radio button associated with the answer. To submit the answer, click the Submit Answer button at the bottom right.


When all questions are answered you will be prompted to submit your answers. This will take you to the score screen to review how you did.