Last Chance Cadet Guide

Details about using the Last Chance Cadet widget


Students must match the correct set of terms. The goal here is to match a ship to an astronaut.

Annotated Last Chance Cadet game screen
Annotated Last Chance Cadet game screen
  1. Title of the widget
  2. Help control
  3. Matchable terms
  4. Connection cut
  5. Page number
  6. Sector left/Sector right buttons
  7. Astronauts left counter
  8. Finish button



Drag from one label on the left or right side to the matching label on the other side to match them. Click on the sector left/right buttons to change between sectors (pages) if necessary.


When you’ve matched every astronaut, the Astronauts Left counter will be set to 0 and the Finish button will flash red. Click the Finish button to submit your matches and review how you did.