Timeline Guide

Details about using the Timeline widget


Allows students to visually arrange items in a chronological manner.

Timeline View

Annotated Timeline game screen
Annotated Timeline game screen
  1. Title of the widget
  2. View Control
  3. Page navigation left
  4. Events for the year
  5. Event details
    1. Event meta information
    2. Event description
    3. Event number for this column
  6. Page navigation right
  7. Categories
  8. Eras
  9. Scroll bar


Events may be separated into different categories. These categories are color coded and have their own timeline bar.</p>


The timeline may also be distinguished by eras. The example above shows viewing the start of the Napoleonic Era. Eras are similarly color-coded.</p>

List View

Annotated Timeline list view screen
Annotated Timeline list view screen
  1. Title of event
  2. Associated categories and eras of the event
  3. Event description
  4. Event date


This alternative view shows events one after another. Any category and era information is conveyed in the associated categories and eras of the event section.