Obojobo Next is a modern educational content engine. Obojobo documents are programmable, extend-able, and heavily fortified with data analytics.

Our focus is on making and delivering fantastic learning content to students. Obojobo is not a Learning Management System. Rather, it's an incredibly powerful content engine for use inside your LMS.

Next generation course content for your LMS.

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Programmable Documents

In Obojobo Next learning modules have become programmable documents. Our mission is to create clean and simple interfaces powered by incredible customizable behaviors.

You'll be able to do things like embed practice in content, use your assessment question bank as a pretest, and control access to pages based on conditions in your module.

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Extendable Content

In Obojobo Next, every paragraph is what we call a "chunk". Imagine each one of those chunks is displayed using a specialized block of code. There are chunks for images, math equations, practice questions, Materia widgets, videos, etc.

This model allows Obojobo and your content to grow with your imagination.

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Empowering Research

We started from day one enabling our users to build research studies that were previously not possible.

With the power to create new types of learning modules combined with robust standardized events, you've got an extremely powerful platform that will handle your educational research agenda.

Research that will shape the future learning models in Obojobo itself!