Introducing Materia.

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    Engaging and Beautiful

    Supercharge your course with compelling experiences and game mechanics.

  • Graphic of a hammer, code, a browser window, and a gear to embody development

    Infinitely Expandable

    Instructors can easily customize content. Students can create their own study tools. Developers can quickly build new experiences using the dev kit.

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    Incredible Statistics

    Learners, teachers, even administrators get access to great statistical tools that help you deliver rewarding educational experiences.

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    Running in 5 Minutes

    You can start your own Materia server with one click! We use popular technologies to make Materia easy to run at your organization.

A Better Learning Experience

Materia is an learning platform designed to make online learning rich and engaging. Developed at The University of Central Florida, Materia is now available for any institution to use. It comes with a library of widget engines installed, and integrates into your existing environments. Get started today by downloading the source code.

Who's using Materia

See who else is using and contributing to Materia.

  • Photo used on Canvas's course guid showing pages and Robert Cassanello's photo

    Open online courses

    Robert Cassanello is delivering a massively open online course (MOOC) with the Canvas Network to teach writing history in a groundbreaking new format. His course will use widgets delivered from a custom install of Materia running on cloud servers.

  • Graphic of the POPUP logo on a computer

    Pilot Online Project in Undergraduate Psychology

    This project develops and incorporates online laboratory experiences adding value to scientific training in psychology and other fields. This project will enhance the teaching and learning effectiveness assessed on the basis of learning outcomes, motivation, career maturity, honesty, access, timely completion of degree and enrollment from under served groups.

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    University of Central Florida

    Designed and maintained at UCF, Materia is used heavily in our online programs. Every instructor has access for use it in their online course. It seamlessly integrates with Canvas, Obojobo, and our university authentication system. Over 100,000 widget plays were logged in 2012 alone.