Materia Log Files

Understanding the Materia Logs

Reading Materia’s Log Files


Materia uses the standard logging functionality built into FuelPHP. Logs are written to the /fuel/app/logs/ directory. We have several files to keep some logging easier to process, each one following the file-YEAR-MONTH-DAY.php format.

FuelPHP offers several options to control logging, view them in the FuelPHP log documentation.

General Logs

materia: General errors and debug statements are written here. The Materia debugging function trace() will also write to this file.

exception: While most potential exceptions will be caught and logged in the materia log file, any uncaught exceptions will be written into this file.

LTI logging

lti: Logs from lti messages sent or received.

These logs are structured in a specific format format. They are comma seperated values, with one log per line. Each line has the following columns in order:

  1. Log Type
  2. Instance ID
  3. User ID
  4. Service Url
  5. Score
  6. Source ID
  7. Unix Timestamp

Possible Log types:

lti-error-dump: Any errors or exceptions that occur during an LTI request’s OAuth validation or grade passback will be written into this file.