Collaborating with Others

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Sharing Widgets with Others

Use the collaboration feature to grant authorship access to other Materia users at your institution. Depending on the access level you set, collaborators become co-owners of the widget, or can simply distribute the widget and collect scores without having the ability to make changes to it.

The Collaboration Dialog

To share a widget, select it on the My Widgets page and click Collaborate.

Screen shot of widget collaboration button
Screen shot of widget collaboration button

Searching for Users

To find a user, type their name or email address into the Add people input box at the top of the Collaboration dialog. Materia will search for that user as you type, providing matched results from which you can select.

Note that you can only share your widget with users who are current instructors in Materia. The other users will have had to log in to Materia at least once. Additionally, while students may be able to author widgets themselves, you cannot share a widget with a student unless it is in guest mode.

The collaboration dialog lets you search for colleagues and set their permissions.
The collaboration dialog lets you search for colleagues and set their permissions.

Collaboration Options


Grants the user complete control. In addition to distributing the widget to students and receiving scores, the user may edit, copy, or delete the widget, as well as add or remove others from the list of collaborators.

View Scores

Allows the user to distribute the widget among students and receive scores. However, the user cannot edit, delete, or copy the widget.


You may set an expiration for each person’s permissions. After this date, the collaboration will be revoked and the user will no longer have access to the widget.

Note that users with the Full permission may grant access to additional collaborators, but cannot modify their own access expiration date, if set.

Copying Widgets

A collaborator can always make a derivative copy of a widget they have access to, regardless of access level. The copy dialog allows you to choose whether to share access to the derivative with the original owner.