Contributing to Materia

How to contribute to Materia


First of all, thanks for your interest in making Materia better!

Report a Bug

Bug reports are the easiest way to help Materia get better. Writing a quality bug report helps developers completely understand the issue at hand. Submit issues to our Materia issue tracker.

Be sure to include:

We’ll do our best to classify the issue and address them in order of importance among the other issues.

Resolve Issues

We welcome pull requests for bug fixes and new features. Feel free to browse our open, unassigned issues and assign yourself to them.

Once you’ve found an issue you’re interested in tackling, take a look at our first contribution tutorial for information on our pull request policy.

Your First Contribution

Now that you’ve selected an issue to work on, you’ll need to set up an environment for writing code. If you’re working on server, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the Materia Server Developers Guide. If you’re working on a widget, view the Widget Developer Guide

Code Style

Materia follows a our Style Guide religiously. Follow it.

Writing Tests


Submitting a Pull Request