Player's Guide

A quick start guide for students

The Big Picture

Materia is a platform used to deliver high quality interactive widgets for your online course. The student’s role couldn’t be more simple, but here are a few concepts to familiarize yourself with.

What is a Widget?

It can be a game, a study tool, a simulation, almost anything, really. A widget can be as simple as a study tool like flash cards or something more advanced such as a 3D simulation with complex storylines. As a student you will be assigned widgets which you will have to complete.

Who Creates Widgets?

Widgets are primarily authored by instructors. Depending on your institution’s preferences, students may be able to author widgets as well. If you’re not sure about your authorship permissions, visit the My Widgets page.

Playing Widgets

Play URL

All widgets have a unique play URL. Visiting the link in your browser will take you directly to the widget. You may be asked to log into Materia before using the widget if you are not logged in already.

Embedded Player

All published widgets also have the option of being embedded in a page or in an online course. In these cases, you may not even realize you’re using Materia as it seamlessly integrates into its surroundings.

Player Guides

Not sure how a particular widget works, or want to double-check something? Visit the Widget Catalog page in Materia, select the widget in question, and select Player Guide at the bottom-left.